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Information regarding Brexit

  • 4 July 2018
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Information regarding Brexit for British Expats living in Cyprusbrexit

Important information provided by The Daxi Group with regards to the British High Commissioners Visit To Kama Lifestyle Today – IMPORTANT INFORMATION.
Many people have been asking for clarification, particularly about permanent residency in Cyprus. This was addressed today by the British High Commissioner and his team.
The Facts Are:
If you DO NOT have a yellow slip and you are living mainly in Cyprus and want the benefits associated with being a Cyprus resident – YOU NEED TO APPLY FOR A YELLOW SLIP.
If you have lived in Cyprus for 5 years or more AND already have your yellow slip, you need to apply for the MEU3 which is the form for permanent residency in Cyprus.
Recommended documents which may be submitted for the application of a Certificate of Permanent Residence, by the person concerned in order to prove the continuity of Residence in the Republic of Cyprus. Note that the below mentioned documents are NOT ALL required in every case, nor individually, but as appropriate depending on the case.
1) Certificate of Registration or Residence Card.
2) Rental agreement or property sale contract, or title deed, for the last five years.
3) Utility bills or statements of accounts from the relevant Authority (water, or telephone or electricity) dating back five years.
4) Bank statement dating back five years.
5) Social Insurance Certificate for contributions over the last five years by month.
6) Any other document proving the completion of a continuous period of five years in the Republic of Cyprus.
It will cost €20 to upgrade to permanent residency (MEU3). This is not a new thing because of Brexit. This has always been the way to apply for permanent residency. The Yellow slip is just a registration. This can take several weeks due to the volume of people applying. Applications can be made at your local immigration office. It is advisable to have all the necessary paperwork required before you go.
If you have a yellow slip already but have not yet been resident in the country for 5 years or more, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residency after the five years is complete.
The High Commission are advising expats to register or apply for residency. It is not compulsory but will entitle you to the privileges of a Cyprus resident even when the UK comes out of the EU.
It was also confirmed that if you are resident in Cyprus or permanently living in Cyprus that you should NOT be using your E111 health card and that the British Government is making checks regarding this.
It is anticipated that most things will remain the same for expats living in Cyprus after Brexit and that pensions will still be able to be sent here with no cap on the amount.

As well as the discussion regarding the mandatory requirement to apply for the Certificate of Residency aka the “Yellow Card”, there was also discussion regarding the voluntary (but recommended) requirement to apply for a Certificate of Permanent Residency (Form MEU3)…
Healthcare…. There will be no change
Pension……. There will be no change…. You will receive your pension as usual plus any annual increases
Voting…… You will not be able to participate in voting in the UK….. this may change later
30th March 2019…… Decisions made on this date will take approx. 2 year to be implemented
It is important to bear in mind that….. As we are not part of the EU we will have to be prepared to accept and abide by the rules and law of Cyprus rather than that of the UK….. Each of the 20+ countries of the EU have their own individual rules and laws which are specific that particular country and cannot be over-ridden by other countries including the UK….
There will also be issues on which answers do not reply purely on the reaction or response of Cyprus but might depend on the response of all the other EU member countries….

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