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Medical Clinic care on the island is very professional and most importantly, socially oriented. The general level of health care, data and statistics are at the level of developed European countries. The good quality of life and the high level of health care are the reason of the high average age of life — men 79 years and women-82 years.

Clinics in Cyprus

The system of health care in Cyprus is very extensive. Medical Clinics are divided into public and private. The public include the municipal medical institutions, i.e., the inner-city hospital and polyclinic services. Also in the villages of Cyprus there are health centers, each of which is able to assist the people of two-three villages. Cardio surgery, Oncology, thoracic, vascular, radiology angiographic and radioisotope Departments of Central Hospital in Nicosia, accept inhabitants and tourist from all over the island

All medical institutions, which are financed by the State, are required to provide the necessary faid to every person regardless of nationality or status. Low-income citizens get special rates for treatment.

In addition to the State system of medical care, there is a system of private clinics serving patients on a fee basis.

Private health care system includes:

Various clinics and hospitals

Private consultation rooms

Modern laboratories

The best diagnostic centers and numerous pharmacies

Polis Chrysochous Hospital

Hospitals medical clinic

At the Hospital of Polis Chrysochous we practice daily General Medicine, Paediatric, Radiologist, Dentistry and Short Hospitalisation of patients (hospitalisation is maximum 1 day). The Urgent and Emergency Department is completely equipped, and has the services of ambulances equipped in cases of mass destruction.
Our pharmacy and laboratory operated daily as well.

Thessalonikis, Poli Crysochous
Tel: 26 321431


Medical Clinic
Medical Clinic

In a well-kept, friendly and comfortable atmosphere we will treat our patients according to the Hippocratic Oath, with professional competence, individual and personal commitment until their healing. As soon as possible the hard-earned holidays can be continued, enjoying our fair and beautiful island
Efessou 13, Polis Chrysochou Cyprus
Tel +357 26322106, Fax +357 26323011

Evangelismos Peyia Medical Centre

Medical Clinic
Medical Clinic

The Polis Medical Centre is the third branch opened by our hospital with X Ray & Mammography Screenings for a better assistance to our patients.
15, Arsinois, Polis Chrysoschous 8820
Tel: 26 323434