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Renting Paphos Cyprusrenting

There are loads of opportunities when it comes to renting a holiday apartments or villa in Cyprus. you will be able to find a holiday apartment that matches more or less any requirement you will have – Anything is possible!
Long term rentals or buying
If you are looking for an apartment for long term rental, there are endless opportunities available in Cyprus.
If you are looking to stay in Cyprus for an extended period, you should also look into apartments and properties for sale. Click here
Finding apartments for rent
The most difficult part is to find the right apartment in Cyprus for the right price. Luckily it is not difficult. All you have to do is decide on the following:
Are you interested in a specific city or destination?
What amenities do you require as a minimum?
What type of apartment or house are you interested in?
What is your budget?
The above are not very specific but it serves as a good way of structuring your search for an apartment for rent in Cyprus. The next sections will go into more details about each of these and make it easy for you to find the right apartment to rent in Cyprus.
Apartment in a specific city or destination?
You might already know which city you are looking for an apartment in, but if you’re not 100% sure, here is a quick rundown of the most popular cities and holiday destinations in Cyprus.
Paphos is a relaxing city on the west coast of Cyprus that is very popular amongst british expats and tourists. Paphos offers plenty of opportunities for any age group and interest with everything from a variety of great beaches nearby, historical attractions, the party area around Bar Street as well as plenty of beautiful nature spots to visit. It is also easy to get to Paphos due to Paphos international airport. Read more about Cyprus here
Limassol (Lemessos in Greek) is the most cosmopolitan city in Cyprus and you have a large selection of apartments for rent. In Limassol you will meet people from most countries in the world and be able to enjoy local or international cuisine of international standards. Limassol is also home to the biggest harbour in Cyprus and plenty of shipping companies.
Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and is the only divided capital in Europe. The narrow streets in the centre of Nicosia will reveal plenty of secrets as you walk around in the old parts of the city and also offers every modern facilities and shopping opportunities that you would expect of the capital.
Larnaca is the home of the largest international airport in Cyprus and is a popular tourist destination. You will be able to enjoy walks along the long beach promenade or just a relaxing stay at the beach. Larnaca is also located close to Limassol, Nicosia and Ayia Napa, thus offering you plenty of options if you are looking for a change for a day or two.
Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa is the most well known tourist destination in Cyprus. Ayia Napa is very popular as a family holiday destination but also as the party destination for the young crowd in Cyprus during summer. While family and party destination don’t usually mix well, in Ayia Napa the areas of interests are split so families will not be disturbed by the late night parties in Ayia Napa. In the 90’es Ayia Napa was regularly compared to Ibiza and during recent years you are again able to experience the top international DJs in Ayia Napa. – no matter whether you are looking for a relaxing time with your family or a week or two of full throttle partying.
Available amenities in the apartment
Often you don’t know what you need until you actually need it. However, it always pays to prepare. The main requirements are :
Amenities and features to consider for the apartment you rent:
Pool (private / shared)
Balcony / outdoor area
View (sea / mountain)

Think about the number of beds

How close to amenities and the sea

Does it have air conditioning included or is it an extra