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Information on receiving citizenship in Cyprus

Depending on your existing citizenship and from where in the world you are moving to Cyprus, there will be different rules and regulations to consider. The key aspect is whether you currently have a citizenship in a country within EU, the EEA zone or Switzerland.
Emigrating to Cyprus when you already hold a citizenship in a EU member state is a lot simpler than if you are from pretty much anywhere else in the world. Read more below here.
Citizens from EU and EEA countries
Countries that are members of EU or EEA
These countries are either EU member states or EEA member states. If you live in one of these countries, you are free to move to Cyprus.
Cyprus is a full member of EU. If you are a citizen in another member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you are free to move to Cyprus. You will also enjoy the same rights as Cypriot citizens. This includes engaging in economic activities such working and operating companies.
If you will spend more than three months in Cyprus, you need to apply for a Registration Certificate for EU Nationals. This is also commonly referred to as a “yellow slip” and you must submit your application for the yellow slip within four months of entering Cyprus. The same is required by any family members, who are moving to Cyprus with you.
If you are moving to Cyprus from the UK the same procedures apply.

From outside the Eu  see here