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Getting a place to liveGetting a place to live

Moving to Paphos also means opening up for a variety of living arrangements no matter whether you’ll be renting or buying.
It is quite simple to find a new home in Paphos as there are many options available. To find the best option for your new home, you will need to consider some requirements for your future home.
The to Getting a place to live
The very first step to take is to decide what requirements you have for your new home. After that you will need decide your budget for either monthly rent or for buying a property in Cyprus. Only then will it make sense to make a final decision about where in Paphos you would like to live.
Of course all of the above steps will influence each other and you might have to go back a step to match your requirements and budget with the part of the Paphos you want to live in.
1 – Home requirements
Here is a checklist of what you should consider.:
How many bedrooms do you need?
How big should the house/townhouse or apartment be?
Would you like your own pool or a shared pool?
Do you require a balcony? If yes, how big?
Do you require a garden?
Sea or mountain view or tourist area?
Furnished or unfurnished?
Once you have worked out the requirements for step 1, Go to 2
2 – Budget
You will find rent in Cyprus might be cheap compared to other countries, but still you will have to consider what your budget is and how much you can or are willing to spend for home costs such as rent, water, communal fees and electricity.
If you want to buy, it is a different ballgame, but nevertheless a prepared budget will make it a lot easier for you (and your developer/agent) to quickly find the house that you will love.
To get an idea of what different budgets will get you, you can check using our property search engine here. Don’t forget to take expenses for water and electricity into consideration.
Once you are settled on a rough budget you are ready go to 3.
3 – Deciding on a location
As with any other city in this world, you will find pros and cons for moving to all towns in Paphos. You can research and read a lot about the towns, but at the end of the day, the best way to settle on a final location is to visit Paphos before you make your decision. At Maispa Developers we offer a no presure tour, to help you decide. This visit will give you a feel for the area that no one can provide through writing, reviews, images and video.
However, if visiting paphos beforehand is not an option, you can base it on where you think you will spend most time such as close to a work place we will forward you any information you require.

Some examples of towns in Paphos
Kato Paphos
If you have decided on a fairly precise location makes it a lot easier for you (and us ) to find the right place for you to live.
Buying or renting property?
There is no definitive answer to this and there are a lot of variables that should influence this decision.
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