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Cyprus is one of the safest countries and experiences less violent crime than other European countries of similar size. CrimeHowever, crimes of opportunity and crime-related incidents do occur. Most street crimes are non-violent, non-confrontational, and range from scams to petty theft. Most street criminals are unarmed and are not prone to gratuitous violence. Criminal activity in Cyprus is reportedly low. The number of opportunistic crimes (pickpocketing, purse snatching, car break-ins, robberies, home burglaries) is likely to rise during the holidays or during the summer when many homes are left vacant.

Residential burglaries do happen, although the number of burglaries being reported has declined recently. Empty residences and homes without an alarm or other security precautions (shutters, additional locks on doors/windows) are more likely to be burglarized. Burglaries of commercial establishments (jewelry shops, convenience stores, sometimes banks) have also been reported.

Cyprus ranks in 5th place worldwide out the 106 countries that added data to this study about the safest countries in the world,

But even more amazing is the fact that Cyprus is the No 1 safest place to live and visit among countries that have population under 5 million.

Cyprus and the other 4 countries that made the top have an average 47.62% lower safety score than other countries that participate in the study. Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Japan and Cyprus scored the best results out of 7 data categories (CO2 emissions, life expectancy, national police personnel, traffic deaths, thefts and assaults, number per 100.000 people).

Rounding out rankings for now, the Republic of Cyprus made it this high because it bested the aforementioned four cities in two categories: It ranked 21st overall in national police personnel per 100,000 people (with 466), and it ranked 22nd in thefts per 100,000 people (with 111). The number of cops in a country isn’t necessarily linked to safety — and we weighted it accordingly — but having fewer thefts is a good sign regardless. The third island country among the top five, Cyprus had essentially been divided in two since 1974 but has been progressing toward reunification.

So you can see that, you can feel free on this beautiful island called Cyprus

Armed violence and assaults against the general public or targeting of foreigners remain uncommon.

Cybersecurity Issues

Fraud-related crimes remain low in relation to population size, but cybercrimes are increasing. Cybersecurity should be a priority for any company operating in Cyprus. The importance of using only legitimate software cannot be over-stressed.

Travel throughout Cyprus is considered safe, and there are no regions designated as off limits. It is illegal to cross into the buffer zone between the north and south except at the authorized crossing points.