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aboutCyprusThe captivating allure of an island with a beguiling year-round wonderful climate, the warm hand of friendship offered by its hospitable people, its beautiful beaches and bewitching coves, a breathtaking landscape steeped with traditional villages redolent of another age surrounded by vineyards, citrus groves and the ancient olive.

The island’s cultural heritage is the most important living treasure of its people. An island with historical footprints tracing over 10,000 years of legendary civilizations, yet embracing a cosmopolitan lifestyle the envy of so many.

Cyprus itself is a distinctive historical museum in which visitors and residents alike can travel through time and experience a unique cultural tableau composed of prehistoric settlements, ancient Greek temples, Byzantine temples with their exquisite mosaics and frescoes, Crusader castles, Gothic churches, Venetian forts, Turkish mosques and modern roads and infrastructure.

The island attracts visitors from many corners of the world, to wonder at the beauty of the land that is eager to unfold its secrets to those who like to search out ancient traditions, old civilizations and experience the island’s culture.

Today Cyprus enjoys full membership of the European Union, with an already well-developed infrastructure. From health-care to education, from transportation to service industries, from communications to motorway networks, the island provides everything expected from a contemporary society with sophisticated leisure and entertainment facilities.

Maispa are proud to be a part of this unsurpassed location – perhaps even at the very edge of heaven – it can only be Aphrodite’s island of Cyprus.
We are creating life styles by building villas spacious apartments and modern townhouses to exacting standards.


Nestled in the South-West corner in probably the most beautiful part of the island and sheltered from the North by the Troodos mountains, Paphos, once the Roman capital of the island, enjoys mild winters and warm, seemingly endless summers. The irrigation system has helped to turn Paphos into the “garden of Cyprus” and it is also renowned as having one of the healthiest climates in the Mediterranean.

Paphos has become the focus of one of the most exciting areas for real estate investment in the eastern Mediterranean. The Government and private enterprise continue to invest heavily in the infrastructure, providing such features as extending the motorway network, extensive improvements to the quaint harbour of Paphos and coastal walkway, a new state-of-the-art marina is planned for around 1000 yachts and upgrading the International Airport into one of the most modern in the Mediterranean basin.

Paphos is renowned as having the richest concentrations of archaeological sites in the world resulting in UNESCO naming Paphos a World Heritage Site. Paphos has become a rich cultural centre hosting many international events such as operatic festivals with Paphos castle as a backdrop.

During Roman times Paphos was the capital of Cyprus and beautiful mosaics and marble columns can be seen within the restored remains of their stately villas. It is out of the foaming seas of Paphos that the goddess Aphrodite was born. It was she who the Romans called Venus but the cult worship of this goddess of love and beauty has, forever, been centred in Paphos. Within the bounds of Paphos lie the ruins of the famous sanctuary of Aphrodite, whose remains date back to the 12th century BC. The Palaipafos Museum is nearby in an old Lusignan manor. It contains rich finds dating back to the Chalcolithic period.

In times gone by the Sanctuary of Apollo was an important religious centre which dates back to the 4th century BC when Paphos was founded. Today, Paphos is a busy town full of amenities, excellent shopping facilities, bars restaurants hosting flavours from the world over and it is also home to the country’s second international airport.

The low crime rate, excellent health care and hi-tech communications, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and comparatively low cost of living create an ideal environment – what more could you ask?

Polis, Latchi & Chrysochous

The gentle rolling hills and ancient vineyards of central Cyprus fade away, as you drive towards the island’s North Westerly promontory, to the wild uninhabited and dramatic virgin beauty of the Akamas Peninsula, named after the mythical son of Theseus. Carpeted in the spring with wild orchids and cyclamen, this lyrical Homeric landscape is clearly one of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of the island. It is a haven for a myriad of fauna and flora, many of the species being endemic. A landscape fit for the gods and it is no wonder that it was here that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, who loved to bathe in the sweet waters of a spring, first set eyes on her beloved Adonis.

The views from Neo Chorio, a traditional village built mainly from stone, are breathtaking and which are regarded by many as the finest on the island. Maispa has a large selections of properties in Polis.

Polis is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Cyprus. Built thousands of years ago, it is the location of the ancient city-kingdom of Marion, an important commercial centre in the Classical and Hellenistic periods when it was called Arsinoe.

The area is inspiring with superb beaches, the harbour and marina of Latchi boasting an array of fish restaurants which would excite the palate of most discerning gourmets. Polis Square is set around a pedestrian plaza hosting a daily market. As the sun sets the market is transformed into a series of pavement cafes serving delicious local dishes, fresh fish and meze.

All this and just a short drive from the bustle of Paphos and surrounded by enchanting traditional villages to explore and to enjoy the true hospitality of these wonderful people.