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10 TIPS FOR CHOOSING TILES 11th January 2017

10 TIPS FOR CHOOSING TILES 11th January 2017 MAISPA have put below some tips for choosing tiles for your home. For more specific advice, why not also read our choosing a bathroom tile (see bottom of Blog.) and choosing a kitchen tile (see bottom of Blog.).

10 PAINTING TIPS 29th December 2016

10 PAINTING TIPS. Have you ever asked yourself why do we find one place more appealing and not comfy in another? Why is one product more attractive over others? The reason is Color it accounts for 60 percent of our response to an object or a place.

How to prepare your pool for Winter 19th December 2016

How to prepare your pool The temperatures have started to drop, it’s time now(If not already done) to best prepare your pool so it   survives the winter season and is ready to use when the warmer weather comes around again. Maispa has some great advice on how to winterize your pool! How to prepare […]

Care Tips For Your Lawn In Winter 13th December 2016

Winter Lawn Care Tips for a Better Spring Grass In the winter you spend the least amount of time thinking of your lawn. Unless you live in an area that is relatively warm all year long(like us), chances are you have put the lawn mower away and are ready for a few months of relaxation before you […]

GETTING RID OF WEEDS 7th December 2016

GETTING RID OF WEEDS 6 ways to murder them with household items. You’ll save money and show no mercy to your garden’s uninvited guests. The first rains have arrived and it’s now time to watch the weeds grow right in front of your eyes. Nothing ruins your garden or yard like weeds, those uninvited guests that […]

Top 10 Home Improvement Tips( Second Five)2nd December 2016

5. Find Inspiration for Your Next Home Project The internet can give you many ideas that can help enhance the value of your home, for example a BBQ area, a water fountain, all appealing to the viewer. 4. Get the Right Tools You can't really improve your home much with just your bare hands (you'll [...]

Top 10 Home Improvement Tips( First Five)23rd November 2016

Top 10 Home Improvement Tips You As A Property Owner Should Know Regardless  if you’ve bought a newly built home, a resale in a maintained community, or a Apartment —owning a place of your own you get the itch to start home improvements itch,we all have this in us (or at least the need  to do […]

New Blog 23rd November 2016

Here at Maispa, we have decided to give some advice on how to increase the value of your home and to turn your property into a home. We know all the information we give will not be suitable to all, but with our years of combined knowledge, we have decided to share. We hope this […]